Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Three Allegories

Set of 3 hand-printed books, 2009

5x7.5 inches 

edition of 45 


The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Pamphlet stich, hand-set Palatino type, reductive linoleum, & photopolymer plates. Printed on Shikoku & hand-made raw flax paper. Fable rewritten by

Mark Munger.


Change Me

Double pamphlet flip book, hand-set in Gill Sans, reductive linoleum cuts printed on hand-made raw flax paper.


i'm not a sheep: a confession

Accordion binding, various printing techniques including photopolymer, linoleum, collographs & pressure prints on tympan paper.



Complete set
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Change Me
Change Me, detail
Change Me, detail
Change Me, detail
im not a sheep: a confession