White Wolf, Black Wolf




White Wolf, Black Wolf

Mixed media including hand printed texture on Sekishu paper, graphite, beeswax, thread on handmade 4×8 feet ́ abaca sheets.


Mind Map

Collagraph print, digital text on Sekishu paper, thread on tympan paper.


Tympan Artifacts

Collagraph print on tympan paper.


An Unspoken Dialogue

Editioned artist book; double sided accordions, handprinted texture on Sekishu paper. 

edition of 75


The images in this body of work convey the wolves occupying a place & time that was before human convention & the struggle of morality. The wolves exist solely as Transfigūra, stemming from the Latin words, trans. – meaning, across, and figūra. – meaning, figures, rather then archetypes in our stories. The term Transfigūra has become centralized within this mythology as a word that describes & gives name to the figures that appear in my work. It denotes the transcendental transformation of the animal/human while at the same time allowing for the use of a singular name. 

This installation was part of my thesis, if you're interested in reading more about it you can find more information here.

installation detail
installation detail 2
White Wolf, Black Wolf
White wolf detail
Black wolf detail
installation detail
printed structure detail