Elizabeth Munger’s work currently focuses on monochromatic colors and textures. Folding and unfolding large sheets while running them through her proofing press she builds up layers of ink that soften, crease and saturate the paper. Envoking colorfields that use the layers of ink to produce light and dark spaces. For Elizabeth they conjure a sense of plate tone and line quality that is unique to the intaglio print, her first introduction into the world of printmaking, and an etheral asthetic she laments for. The use of montonous color is meant to echo unending landscapes, fields of grass, the ocean, stars in the sky, places that allow one to breath in, have time in, remember in, and be quiet in.

Show runs March 1-April 28th 2016

Top Floor Gallery

Iowa City Senior Center

28 S. Linn Street

Iowa City, IA

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