Asheville Bookworks: BookOpolis 2014

Printmade Artist’s Books: Impression in Hand

BookOpolis 2014: Printmade Artist’s Books asks the artist to consider questions about the printmade artist’s book: How do you create an artist’s book using printmaking techniques? What book structures lend themselves to combinations with printmaking? How do the book structure and the printmaking process interact when making the book art object? What constitutes interactivity? What is a book, and how far can it go before it is no longer a book? How does the user/viewer/reader experience the printmade artist’s book? How does the artist experience the printmade artist’s book? Why would an artist choose to printmake an artist’s book?

BookOpolis 2014: Printmade Artist’s Books features artists’ books made with any one—or more in any combination—original handprint processes, including relief, intaglio, planographic, stencil, and collography printing methods. Exciting because of its exploration of the unknown structurally, the printmade artist’s book explodes or whispers text and image into three-dimensional realms. The book may be one of a kind or one of an edition. Not a portfolio of prints, the printmade artist’s book moves the printed art object off the wall and into the hands of a user/viewer/reader, creating a different experience of both art object and book object.

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