Postcard Project



wolf in sheep's clothing 

Hand-printed in a sunny October, using a Gocco printer for the image & hand setting type with Gill Sans & Baskerville. 

4x6 inches

editon of 64


i dreamed i was an owl

Printed in November, in homage to the barred owl that inhabits the neighborhood. A linoleum cut was used, as well as the Gocco printer. It was printed on collaged sewing pattern paper, with a small part being Japanese kozo paper made by the artist. 

4x6 inches

edtion of 64


In the kitchen

was cooked up in the last days of a snowy December. A digital photo was taken, manipulated & then printed on a color copier.

4x6 inches

edtion of 73




"13,000 leagues in,"

Created in the unpredictable month of January. The hand-made paper was generaously donated be Erin Maurelli who made i using a cotton/ abaca blend. The image was carved out & hand-printed using a linoleum block in conjunction with the Gocco printer. It was then waxed. 

4x6 inches

edtion of 67


Orion's Hunt

Made in the never ending winter month of February., in homage to the leap year. The paper is UICB case-paper  & was punched by hand to form the constellation Lepus. The hare can be found to the south of Orion.

4x6 inches

edtion of 70


Time travel

Double-sided print. Printed using linoleum blocks & a photopolymer half-tone. It is an exploration of time, physically through the multi-layers of yellow ink (the number escapes me now, but at least 5 runs of yellow) as well as conceptually. 

5x7 inches 

edition of 95


O, what a noble lie the robin told

Sprang from The North Wind Doth Blow, nourshed by acrylic paint, pencil, pastels, pen, a feather, thread and needle & some handmade walnut paper from my friend Kat. The edition was propagated from the original collage via color copier in the month of April. May the sun shine brightly on us all.

4x6 inches

edition of 75




memories of my grandpa

This was a memory of the tallest horse in the world at the Iowa State Fair, circa 1983, as well as the annual ballon race that happens in Des Moines, Iowa. Both of these images are strongly connected to spending time with my Grandpa, Herb Plambeck. 

4x6 inches

edition of ? 


$7.00 each/

Set of 8, $50.00





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