Murrow's Connexion, 1951


20x20 inches open/ 10x20 inches closed. 

Mixed media collage on wood pannels. Hand-printed texture on sekishu, ink drawings & beeswax. 



-n  1. the cognitive process whereby past experience is remembered. 2. The process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination. 3. The connection of isolated facts by a general hypothesis. 


In 1951, Edward Murrow, a radio/ TV journalist, displayed the West and East coast together on two separate TV monitors for his viewers. This was the first time that both coasts were seen together in this medium. This struck me as an aesthetically pleasing image & idea. I thought it would be interesting to work with the Golden Gate and Brooklyn Bridge as a way of representing the concept of time & how it connects locations physically, as well as different ideologies from then to now. Interestingly after making this piece, I discovered that my grandfather had worked with Murrow as a WWII correspondent, a sentient bridging to my past & presence.




Murrow's Connexion,1951
Murrow's Connexion,1951
back hinge detail
Golden Gate bridge
Brooklyn bridge
closed detail, 1
closed detail 2