Ghost Image

Artist book, 2015

Printed using collagraphs on silk organza. Cover is Cave paper.

Edition of 10


Prompted by the Ideation Experience exhibit organized by the Abcedarian Gallery. It utilizes the Ideation Cards made by Flying Fish Press


Card Draws,

Structure - codex

Paper - minimal paper usage

Layout - across the folds or gutters

Color - muted or pastel

Technique - hand drawn or painted

Text - collaborate with a writer or poet

Adjectives - image found image quiet or subtle photographic

manifesto based surreal graphic


Ghost Image is an experiment in materials, texture, and writing. Inspired by a photo I took at night of the full moon that resulted in what I believe is a photo aberration. I used the abstracted image as a basis for color, shape and texture. In the spirit of the hand drawn/ painted I choose to work with variety of hand painted collaraphs as a way to achieve a repeatable hand worked texture.


Typically I am an image-maker that either collaborates with a writer or uses found text, but have recently been interested generating my own text. Instead of directly collaborating with a writer I chose to respond to a couple of poets/ poems; Carl Sandburg, Wilderness and Robert Lax’s minimalists poetry.