Altar/Alter: Return to Wilderness

Location: Calabi–Yau Manifold, 2017

The shrine of the Return to Wildness was retrieved from a place of memory. Carvings found on the structure along with mark making in both books are theorized to be a primitive type of language. It is thought that this object may have been used in the practice of restoring wildness to animals, in this case, wolves in particular, after a stint of allegorical delineation, as in Aesop’s fables or other such stories and myths. 


Catalog № 2017.42.05.4

Structure (carpentry by Andrew Heineman); Wood, milk paint & bone. Books; tacket binding with handmade flax cover, vellum & leather spine, Sekishu paper printed using a collagraph plate on a Vandercook Universal I. 


23¼ × 15½ inches